At Brighter Horizons by J Elliott Estate Sales, we deliver an attractive and easy shopping experience for our shoppers, and a profitable sale for our clients. Brighter Horizons has been in business for over 35 years helping our clients liquidate their estates. Owner JC Elliott puts her more than 35 years of marketing experience to work for you by attracting the right buyers for your specific sale.

Here’s why we’re successful:

The First Visit Part
The first time we meet with you, we go through our agreement and explain our process. There are absolutely NO upfront fees when meet with you to assess your sale. After viewing your contents, we agree on a sale date. We’ll take as many photos as possible on the first visit, so we can announce your sale immediately on, and post pictures to get shoppers excited about the items in your sale. The longer your sale is published on, the more ‘views’ your sale receives, and the more people come to shop your sale. We also post your sale on more than 50 other sites to get your sale the most traction possible.

The Research, Cleaning, and Pricing Part
Once the agreement is signed, we begin taking stock of your home. We open and remove contents from all drawers, cabinets, attics, garages, outbuildings, etc., and begin the pricing process. We also check inside any bags, boxes, and bins to make sure we’ve priced and displayed ALL of your contents. If there is dusty glassware or tarnished silver, we clean it up for maximum benefit. Also, we like to dust furniture and use a little scratch cover if needed. We want your sale to look its’ absolute best!

As we stage and price your sale, we continually add new photos and descriptions to, so we keep shoppers excited about shopping your sale. We’re often contacted via the platform ( about specific items in the sale, and we respond to those inquiries immediately. We keep our shoppers as well as our clients happy and well informed!

After years of experience working with estate sales and antiques, we have a good idea of market values. We ensure that your items are priced at current market values, so they are sold for the most money the market will bear, but that they ARE sold! Our goal is to help you liquidate your estate completely.

The Technical Part
(just some back-end information – don’t worry, we take care of all this for you!)
We use to announce your estate sale as far in advance of the sale as possible, and, as mentioned above, we continually add new photos and descriptions of your items. Always the ‘word nerd’, JC gives each picture colorful, detailed descriptions, which drives online traffic (people) to your sale site. As mentioned, 35 years in tech marketing means JC uses all the marketing tools available to make sure your sale ‘stays top of mind’ for Google and other search engines, so your sale shows up frequently as shoppers seek out items and sales.

By optimizing the sale in this way, potential shoppers receive emails with updates, which tells shoppers there are new photos to view. Often, buyers ‘keyword search’, meaning they’re looking for a specific item, and we make sure your sale pops up as often as possible by using many frequently searched for terms in our descriptions.  

The Shopping Part
We customize your home or sale location into a well merchandised ‘store’ that’s visually appealing and easy to shop. Using interesting displays based on the type of items being sold, we make your sale more compelling, which helps maximize your profits from the sale.

Our frequent shoppers have come to love shopping our sales because they know the estate sale will be well organized, simple, and enjoyable to shop.

The After-the-Sale Part
Our goal is to sell everything in the estate sale. We have a proven pricing and discount schedule that’s served us well over 35 years of managing estate sales, so that we leave you with a home that’s empty of contents. For any unsold items, our agreement allows our clients to choose what they want to happen with those items.

All sales are tracked on a customized excel spreadsheet by the day and by the type or category of items, so we can tell our clients what the sale is yielding to the penny at any moment for each category. For example, some sales may have a lot of furniture, kitchen, and home décor, but no garage or outdoor items. We customize your sale’s spreadsheets specifically for the categories of items we are helping you sell.

At the end of the sale, we provide a summary page of the sale by each category and by each day of the sale. We settle the proceeds within three days of the sale in cash to our clients.

The Satisfied Customer Part
Clients choose J Elliott Estate Sales because we make it easy and worry free for you. Contact us today to get started with your estate sale!